Why Use Magento

I was asked several times by clients, “should we upgrade to”


These clients run big eCommerce businesses and they put value to things that are worth only. So we did a lot of research to see how it would benefit the businesses. I personally think, I loved this version.


First of all, it takes nearly no issue to be updated. Gets updated just like anything!!! I remember we struggled a lot to update Packages relevant to mobile version of Magento from to There were some other packages which were dependent on the mobile package. Therefore, it was nearly a nightmare in several cases to update Magento from to Thanks God that Magento takes it just like magic.


Then and most importantly, the version is equipped with a good many strong features, which we usually had to customize or use plugin to enable. For example: optimized layered navigation for pricing, cash on delivery or bank transfer facility etc. Click here to learn more.


There are still a lot of opportunities of improvement. However, I am impressed that Magento is counting the People’s demands and gradually serving those.



CEO, www.abac-bd.com

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    I heard that Magento is good for eCommerce. We are seriously considering it for the next version of our site, though we are happy with the current site (cnp-keythai.com). Anyway, thanks for the good post.