Junior SEO Executive Needed

ABAC Technologies is providing SEO supports to some business houses locally and internationally for around 8 years by now. We also provide Site Management, Research and Social and Digital Marketing Solutions to our clients from home and abroad.
We are seeking a Junior SEO Executive with a good knowledge in Google search engine latest trends, Facebook marketing etc.

Role Details

Job Title: Junior SEO Executive
Location: Dhaka
Reports to: Team Leader

Key Accountabilities

The key responsibilities of the Executive are:

  1. SEO Analysis for new and existing clients.
  2. On page SEO Setup.
  3. Keyword research.
  4. Meta tags writing and updating with latest trends.
  5. Link Building.
  6. Google AdWords management.
  7. Create weekly/monthly SEO report.
  8. Write SEO contents where needed.
  9. Product optimization.
  10. Developing new SEO & Marketing strategies.
  11. Facebook Marketing.
  12. Create banners, posters etc.
  13. Create pages and Optimize those.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience Required

  1. Clear knowledge of Google ranking factors and search engine algorithms.
  2. Up-to-date with the latest and best practices in SEO.
  3. Must know basic HTML, CSS and development technologies.
  4. Must know On-page SEO setup.
    1. Google Analytics install & setup
    2. Google Adwords install & setup
    3. Robots.txt generate and setup
    4. Sitemap generate and setup
    5. WordPress and Magento plugins setup knowledge
    6. Keyword analysis
  5. Good knowledge of Google Analytics metrics and reports.
  6. Good knowledge of Google AdWords metrics and reports.
  7. Good knowledge of SEO Tools like Alexa, W3C Markup validation, Google Page speed, Pingdom tools, GTmetrics, SEO Sitecheckup, Google Keyword planner, Google AdWords, and other keyword analysis tools.
  8. Able to rank keywords on Google first page search results.
  9. SERP competitor Analysis.
  10. Client Communication and Management skills.
  11. Research on new SEO strategies.
  12. Latest Link Building techniques.
  13. SEM: Search Engine Marketing for Paid SEO campaigns.
  14. Facebook marketing strategies.

The following skills and experiences are desirable:

  1. Knowledge of WordPress development.
  2. Magento development knowledge.
  3. Design of Photoshop and Illustrator.
  4. Ability to write SEO Articles.
  5. Knowledge of Video editing and animation.
  6. Experience of UI/UX analysis.
  7. Experience of a range of development methods and ability to adopt with any chosen methods to meet the needs of a project.
  8. Experiences of web based hosting and deployment of applications.
  9. Experiences of dealing with customers in a professional manner.



A successful candidate must be fully passionate of his/her works.

Customer Focus :

Demonstrating a clear understanding of the customer, anticipating and delivering on their current and future needs.

Teamwork :

Willingly and effectively working with others to achieve shared objectives and deliver added value solutions and outstanding results.


Leveraging individual and company strengths to achieve the business objectives and deliver outstanding results.


Initiating and driving change to create value and maintain a competitive advantage.


Demonstrating the highest standards of honesty and ethical behavior.


We ensure excellent, brotherly working environment with lots of fun things around. We play Kites, Cricket etc together within the facility. We have a growing work-out facility inside our premise as well. We lunch together under the company arrangement.


We offer excellent monthly remuneration package to deserving talents. We also offer two festival bonuses totalling to a full monthly salary per year.

Career Growth:

We evaluate performance and reassess remuneration packages twice a year.

Weekends and Working Hours:

Our weekends are on Saturdays and Sundays. We spend an hour everyday for fun and team building activities (playing cricket, kites etc or with work-out sessions) as part of our daily schedule. Our office schedule is therefore, from 9AM to 7PM.

Public Holidays:

We accept 10 Public Holidays in total a year.

Annual Leaves:

We provide 15 working days (3 weeks) of Annual Leaves.

Parental Leaves:

We also provide 6 months of maternity leaves and 15 days of paternity leaves.

How to Apply:

Please send your resume to career@abac-bd.com

About us:

To learn about us, please check www.abac-bd.com/about-us. We are the company behind the growing classified tool, Notun Bazar

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