Historical Places of Beautiful Bangladesh

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Bangladesh is the most beautiful country of south Asia loaded with natural beauties and historical establishments. It has it’s two thousand years history or more. This nation has governed by Buddhist, Hindus, Muslim and British. There have a golden history of its past. There are numerous historical spots in Dhaka, Rajshahi, Bogra, Dinajpur, Comilla and other piece of Bangladesh. Principle attractions are Mosque and Mazar, Hindu sanctuaries, Churches, Buddist Monastery and recorded structures.


Bangladesh appears to be as like as God’s own gave painting. different colors, society and memorable sites are here and there in this little nation. So Bangladesh has been highlighted on the world’s tourists maps.


Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation ( BPC ) published a short film Incredibly Beautiful Bangladesh – The School of Life regarding the most beautiful historical places in Bangladesh.



There are two more Short films ( Beautiful Bangladesh – School of life &  Beautiful Bangladesh – Land Of Stories ) to represent the beauty of Bangladesh.


Some Historical Places of Bangladesh:


Ahsan Manzil was the official residential palace and seat of the Dhaka Nawab family. This magnificent building is situated at Kumartoli along the banks of the Buriganga River. The construction of this palace was started in the year 1859 and was completed in 1869. The construction reflected Ind-Saracenic revival style of Architecture. To preserve the cultural and history of the area, the Palace became the Bangladesh National Museum on 20 September 1992. Photo Source: Mirza Ferdous Alam


Central Shaheed Minar
Central Shaheed Minar at DHAKA (Language Martyrs Monument) on the occasion of International Mother Language Day. Copyright @ Mamun Sultan Nur


Curzon Hall
Curzon Hall, University of Dhaka.
Curzon Hall, named after Lord Curzon (Viceroy and Governor-General of India, 1899 – 1905) who laid the foundation stone in 1904, was originally intended to be a town hall. Now, as part of the school of science of the University of Dhaka, it has become an emblem of educational tradition of Bangladesh due to its significance in education during the post-independence era of the country as well as afterwards. Copyright@Iftakhar Hasan



Tomb of Bibi Pari (Lalbagh Fort)
The tomb of Bibi Pari, located in the center of Lalbagh Fort, is the most impressive of the surviving buildings of the fort. Eight rooms surround a central square room that contains the mortal remains of Bibi Pari. The central room is covered by a false octagonal-shaped dome, wrapped by a bronze plate. Copyright@Asadujjaman Pappu


Shah Paran Mazar Sylhet
Shah Paran Darga Sharif Sylhet (Shah Farhan Mazar). Shah Paran was a renowned Sufi saint. Copyright@Md. Samiul Haque’s



Hazrat Shahjalal Mazar Sharif
Hazrat Shahjalal Mazar Sharif is the most historical religious interest tourist place in Sylhet town. It was named after Saint Shah Jalal, who has celebrated Sufi Muslim figure in Bengal and he was buried in Mazar Sharif Sylhet. Photo Source: Flickr


Gour Gobinda Fort, Sylhet
The Gour Gobinda Fort, Sylhet though in ruins is one of the preferred tourist destinations in and around the hillside town of Sylhet. The Gour Gobinda Fort stands as the testimony to the resistance the brave soldiers of the king Gour Gobinda. Its was destroyed By Sufi Saint Hajrat Shahjalal. who had come over from Delhi to preach Islam in Sylhet. Photo Source: yogsutra.


Centuries old sixty-domed mosque in Bagerhat
Shat Gumbad/Gambuj Mosque is the largest of the Sultanate mosques in Bangladesh and one of the most impressive Muslim monuments in the whole of the Indian subcontinent. Photo Source: Dhaka Digest.


Mainamati, Comilla
Mainamati is a famous Buddhist archaeological site in Comilla. Marks of rich ancient civilization have been found in Lalmai Mainamati hills. Copyright@Sadik Shahriar.


Mahasthangarh (Bengali: মহাস্থানগড় Môhasthangôṛ) is one of the earliest urban archaeological site so far discovered in Bangladesh. The village Mahasthan in Shibganj thana of Bogra District contains the remains of an ancient city which was called Pundranagara or Paundravardhanapura in the territory of Pundravardhana. Copyright@MD.ABDULLAH MAHMUD



Source: FlickrYogsutraTravel Bangladesh



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  3. Hey, there, thanks for sharing this awesome and informative blog with us. We know that there are thousands of attractive and historical tourist place in Bangladesh. So, I just want to share some awesome places where everyone should visit there. And this places is really famous within the foreign tourist. Such as:
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