Prepare Your Website for the Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm Update

Google has fully rolled out the second version of the mobile friendly algorithm update on 12th May, 2016. Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Muller confirmed it in a twitter status on that day.

Google’s main purpose for this update is to reward and promote the mobile friendly websites by providing an extra ranking boost in the mobile search results. Google also intends to help users to find more relevant pages that are mobile friendly.

We know, last year on May 21st Google included mobile friendliness as a ranking signal. The update was named mobilegeddon. Many webmaster thought that the new algorithm update would be called mobilegeddon 2, but John Muller responded “No, not really.”


Make your website Mobile Friendly now.

This is a mobile first world now. There are trillions of searches made globally on Google every year. More than 80% searches are happened on smartphones and tablets. From the early mornings when we wake up and late nights before we go for sleep, we are addicted to pick up the phone and do searches.

If your website is not mobile friendly yet, this is a must to do it now. If you are confused, whether your site is mobile friendly or not, than check it out with the Google Mobile Friendly tool or Webmaster Mobile Guide. You may also take help from our team who are high skilled and experienced on Mobile Optimization for more than half a decade now.


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