Google Penguin 4.0 is Now Part of their Core Algorithm

Google has rolled out Penguin 4.0 on September 23rd, 2016. They have published on Webmaster Central Blog that Google Penguin 4.0 has rolled out and is now part of their core algorithm.


The third version of Google Penguin was released two years ago. Penguin 3.0 only affected 1% English queries. This forth version became their 7th penguin update. But people will not see any significant changes yet, because it is still updating.


Google updating Penguin algorithm in all languages and the big change is, this is real time and more granular, as the webmasters requested quite a many times.


So, what is Penguin’s real time means?


Google penguin algorithm was first introduced in 2012 to capture the websites that were spamming the search ranking. Websites that were using unnatural links, anchor text and linked with spam sites were filtered by the penguin algorithm and penalized by Google. The penalized sites had to wait until the next time penguin refreshes to recover from the penalty even though the webmasters considerably improved their sites immediately after being penalized.


Now with the latest penguin update, data are refreshed in real time. So webmasters won’t have to wait long anymore. Changes in their sites will be in effect and recognized immediately. Changes would take effect as soon as google recrawls and reindex a page.


If you have seen any negative impact in your ranking now a days, if you lose your traffic in comparison to the previous month, you may consider yourself penalized by the Google’s new penguin 4.0 update. So don’t worry if you have been penalized in penguin. Just try to improve your website and its presence on the internet as soon as possible. You would get positive results very soon.


Penguin will not affect entire website


The latest penguin update will not affect the entire website. It is more granular now. It would devalue only the spam pages of your website with ranking penalties. So if your website contains spam contents on specific pages, only the pages would lose ranks and other good pages won’t be affected by this update.
If you think your site or part of your site is being devalued by bad links or spams, it is the best practice to run an SEO audit to your entire website and identify scopes to improve your ranking on the SERP. It should be noted that Google’s Penguin 4.0 update will give benefit to any websites trying to improve their web presence by removing bad links.

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