The Sitting Disease, New Addition to The Urban Lifestyle!

Office hour from nine to five, it all takes eight hour a day. A closer look might reveal that we spend a huge portion of this office hour just in front of the computer. And just think those who got to manage a desk job and just imagine the condition of those who got to stay particularly behind the desk.


We are not yet done with our computing procedure. Let’s add activities such as watching TV, study, internet surfing, or power nap, in which one may need to grab the chair.


Once we add all these numbers together, you might find it shocking to see that inhabitants living in a metropolitan spend around 13 hours a day on average just by sitting on his chair. Witnessing the urban people’s affection towards chair, researchers have taken the issue seriously and gone for a research. Based on the research, they have discovered a new disease called ‘Sitting Disease’.


According to the researchers, the tendency of sitting for a longer period would destroy the balance of human metabolism first. Then this tendency of sitting would destroy the human lifestyle, productivity and finally on their physical capabilities. is an organization that has been conducting research this topic since long. Based on their research, they have identified these following effects or symptoms of sitting disease:

  People who sit for more than 11 hours a day have a 40 percent increased risk of death in the next three years, compared with people who sit for four hours or less.

  Workers who have held sedentary roles for more than 10 years have twice the risk of colon cancer.

  The longer people sit, the shorter their lifespan, even if they exercise regularly.

  Sitting for long periods may also affect the development of musculoskeletal disorders.



How to stand up against the sitting disorder:


Many of usually try to overcome the problem of sitting disorder by having a 15 to 30 minutes jogging/ exercise session at the end of the office work. However, this 30 minutes session wouldn’t be good enough to fight with the hitches of sitting disorder.


One thing we must keep into our mind that, people suffer from sitting disorder just because they keep on sitting for a longer period without any break. So we rather need to focus on the moment we keep on sitting on chair.


–         The best idea would be to take break within every 15 to 30 minutes and then to do few Aswan or physical movement.

–         Try to stand up while working on computer.

–         Let’s avoid lifts and use the stairs.

–         Don’t watch Television for too long. Take some break, at least during the commercial break.

–         Don’t stop doing the activities of swimming, jogging or cycling completely. Try this during the weekend or whenever you are free, just to stay in touch.


Finally, let’s not get panicked on the issue of sitting disease. We may even make this as an occasion for fight back. We are spending our time, effort and other resources just to create more wealth, to pursue our career objectives. Let’s spend some more in order to ensure some additional lifetime, good health and a sound body.


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