New Policies Adhered

ABAC Technologies Ltd. is happy to announce the adherence of following new policies.


1. Annual Incentive for BiCyclists:


We are committed to our country and nature. We believe Dhaka to be a much better place with less traffic and carbon emissions. We are also keen to see our talents physically and mentally fit all the times.


These are why we are happy to offer special Bicycle Incentive to our full time talents on the following conditions:


a. This is an annual incentive.
b. The incentive is only for the full time permanent talents.
c. You must have your own BiCycle and use it regularly for Office Commuting during the whole year.


This is an extension to our practiced policy of Laptop Rental. The Policy suggests that talents may rent out their own laptops to company to be used by themselves for office purposes for a monthly fee. The policy mentioned a rental period of two years of age for quality laptops.


This extension suggests the following:


a. The Rental Deal might continue even after the two years period, provided that the condition and configuration of the laptop is satisfactory for its purpose.
b. The new Rent of the laptop for the extended period is to be decided based on it’s condition, configuration and the regular rental rate (within the range of one third to two third).


As like any other policies of the company, company reserves all the rights to amend or cancel the policies with prior notice.


ABAC wishes all the happiness to the team. Keep up the great works.

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