Online HR and Payroll Management System

Another .Net based “State of the Art” solution, we have build for a special client. We are legally bound not to reveal the clients identity.

The integrated HR and Payroll Management System is a complete solution for any probable HR and Payroll needs. Its the most automated possible solution of its kind. It’s a smart system which can predict trends and advice accordingly.

This is another white label, on shelf solution, which could be further customized according to client needs.

5 thoughts on “Online HR and Payroll Management System

  1. I think this is one of bravest idsicion ever made by SLBC.Good job and keep it up but still we should concider about Vass whos is still tallent and can make nlots of impact to the opponent. still that is a call of the supperios. what we need al is perform well and have a good name for our mother land.What ever happend win or loose we love our team cos we are sri lankan.come on guys lets play some good cricket and will try and erase the bad cloudes (0)

  2. M.Farhad Hossen on said:

    Nice,if it helpful.

    • Thanks.

      • I mean Valory Tailor is the photocopy of Mother Teresa. I have nice few tonemms with her. I am very much impressed when I meted with her. She will be role model for all humanitarian actors in Bangladesh. But I listened that few days ago she was also harassed by some new actors of governing body. It was the horrible experience for her and also unfortunate for us.

    • Benjie on said:

      Outsourcing has interestingly ephled the HR domain a lot in terms of cutting costs and sourcing effectively as well as efficiently.The industry itself seems to have help nations establish a mutually beneficial relationship with one another and given shape to a truly global industry.I still recollect the International Business models I studied and this seems to be the best example .Best Regards,Nipa