BuyWakeboardingBoats Clean Responsive Megento Website

BuyWakeboardingBoats offers the widest selection of classified ads with new and used boat listings. Their number one goal is to provide the best service possible for their users.


We worked hard in this new feature customized Megento theme. They needed a website with the best buying and selling experiences for their customers. The Admin part of the site has a good many advanced functionality to ensure sharp monitoring and smooth management of the site. We successfully designed from Logo to everything in the site. We developed site from scratch. We also maintain it on monthly arrangement.


BuyWakeboardingBoats Clean Responsive Megento Website


BuyWakeboardingBoats Magento site features:


  1. Responsive Design.
  2. Powerful admin control panel.
  3. Image list of all the make at right side.
  4. Banner slider (Admin can easily change the images or add more images.)
  5. Left side bar category list shop by make.
  6. Advanced customized search options.
  7. User Access Control mechanism for different types of users for example: dealers.
  8. Customer dashboard.
  9. Three different advertisement options (Free, Featured, Top.)
  10. Report as sold and fraudulent listing options.
  11. Wishlist supported.


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