SEO Project – Hotel Booking, Accommodation & BNB is a marketplace to book hotels, accommodations and BNB of all kinds around the world ranging from Homestay Holiday Rooms to Hotels, from Complete Houses to Houseboats, from Motels to Guesthouses. It is very easy to host your accommodation and plan your next trip in


We are doing High end SEO for We do organic SEO, Social Marketing and arrange Google AdWords PPC campaigns for the project. We are also doing comments and blog posting as well. We put a significant effort to make the website the most user friendly of its kind. We generate weekly and monthly reports for the project.


We also analyze the UX to find the best SEO friendly design for a great user experience and implement those. We fixed the critical SEO errors such as W3C errors, Crawl errors, HTTP, JavaScript, Speed test etc. Hotel Booking, Accommodation & BNB


Our work for the-worldwide:

  1. SEO Site checkup
  2. Fix the Meta tags and create new Meta tags for the whole website.
  3. Keyword Analysis. Competitor site analysis.
  4. Maintaining the AdWords campaign on daily basis, creating new ads, campaigns, keyword analysis with Keyword Planner, generating reports, setting up the budget etc.
  5. Ensure responsiveness of the site.
  6. Check all the functionalities, make suggestions and fix the errors.
  7. Check Google Analytics and Webmaster daily.
  8. Fix crawl errors, HTML improvements.
  9. Social marketing, Comments and Blog posting.
  10. Website Speed checkup and fix.
  11. Generating Weekly and Monthly SEO Reports etc.


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