Bangladesh has a lot to be proud of. The country has a good many things, which none does. There are also a good many things in the country, which only a few other countries pose. In this section we will try to promote some resources, which draw a true picture of the country, its history, its culture, achievements, scenic beauties, prospects etc.

The resources used in this corner were collected from various sources with concern of the owner, where applicable. We appreciate and thanks to the content owners for their acknowledgement.

Food Habits and Varieties of Bangladesh Posted: 5 Feb,15 on Food Habits:Each nation has its own tradition of nourishment's. Bangladesh has l

Historical Places of Beautiful Bangladesh Posted: 5 Feb,15 on Bangladesh is the most beautiful country of south Asia loaded with natural beauties and historical establishments. It has it's two thousand years

The History Of Bangladeshi Literature Posted: 5 Feb,15 on Bangla Literature goes back to at least the seventh century with three improvement periods are: ancient, medieval, and modern period from 650-1200, me

Role of Religion in Bangladesh Posted: 5 Feb,15 on Islam is the primary religion in Bangladesh with 89 percent Muslims. Different religious are Hinduism (9.5%), Christianity, Buddhism and Others. The c

Popular Games & Sports in Bangladesh Posted: 5 Feb,15 on Sport in Bangladesh is a famous type of amusement and in addition a fundamental piece of

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