Social Marketing Project Review – Franchising International

Franchising International works with enterprise, international franchisor community members and professionals. They connect franchises and licenses with candidates who fit best. Franchising International provides everything to operate clients business as their licensee including a first class platform and management dashboard. They build the Apps and Mobile websites and assist the client. Clients can profit from initial set up and ongoing monthly hosting fees.


We are working as an order fulfillment in Franchising international. We accept the client orders and create app account for clients in the biznessapps platform and finally publish those at Google Play Store. We also maintain all the clients’ invoices and profiles.

We do Social Marketing, Video and Blog posting as well.


Our responsibilities in Franchising Internationals are:

  1. Create Apps.
  2. Publish Apps at Google Play store.
  3. Propel!Apps Onboard Check List.
  4. Social Media Marketing.
  5. Blog Posting.
  6. Local Video SEO etc.

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