Android Application: Stop Give Me A Break

This is an amazing android application we developed for our client Mr. Ian Martin from Australia. “Stop Give Me A Break” doesn’t do anything you can’t do yourself. If you really want a break from all the noise, from the texts, emails and calls, you can just turn your phone off. You can do that for free.


What you get when you buy “Stop Give Me A Break”, is a commitment to yourself to take a break from time to time.


The only decision you need to make is when and how long.


We designed, developed the whole android application except the animations. Most credit goes to Shyamol, for his hard work on this project.

One thought on “Android Application: Stop Give Me A Break

  1. Hi all at ABAC Technologies

    Thanks for making “Stop Give Me a Break” a reality, turning a set of ideas and possibilities into a real live app, now selling on Google Play Store and I couldn’t be happier.

    Much Appreciated