Eid Festival in Bangladesh Posted: 8 Sep,16 on Bangladesh is a Muslim majority country. Therefore, the two Eids, Eid-ul-fitr and Eid-ul-adha are two main f

Traditional Attire of Bangladesh Posted: 4 Feb,15 on Traditional Attire of Bangladesh is variegated in its nature and also unique as compare to other neighboring countries. Bangladeshi men are normally

Festivals and Celebrations Posted: 4 Feb,15 on Bangladeshi day by day life is packed with traditions and festivals that mirror the interesting society, culture and tradition of Bangladeshis. A port

Food Habits and Varieties of Bangladesh Posted: 5 Feb,15 on Food Habits: Each nation has its own tradition of nourishment's. Bangladesh has l

Historical Places of Beautiful Bangladesh Posted: 5 Feb,15 on Bangladesh is the most beautiful country of south Asia loaded with natural beauties and historical establishments. It has it's two thousand years

The History Of Bangladeshi Literature Posted: 5 Feb,15 on Bangla Literature goes back to at least the seventh century with three improvement periods are: ancient, medieval, and modern period from 650-1200, me

Music, Dance, Drama and Film of Bangladesh Posted: 5 Feb,15 on Bangladesh has a rich, different culture. It

Role of Religion in Bangladesh Posted: 5 Feb,15 on Islam is the primary religion in Bangladesh with 89 percent Muslims. Different religious are Hinduism (9.5%), Christianity, Buddhism and Others. The c

Popular Games & Sports in Bangladesh Posted: 5 Feb,15 on Sport in Bangladesh is a famous type of amusement and in addition a fundamental piece of

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