Bangladesh UN Peacekeeping Force Number One peacekeeping nation

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Bangladesh Ranked First in United Nation Peacekeeping

Bangladesh is devoted and focused on the standards cherished in the United Nations Charter, the peaceful settlement of global debate and to the upkeep of worldwide peace and security. The road-map of Bangladesh for a profound engagement with worldwide peace is solidly proclaimed in the Constitution of the nation. Closely resembling this national responsibility, Bangladesh Armed Forces have been joining in the United Nations Peacekeeping Operations (UNPKO) around the globe for over two decades. Foot shaped impressions of Bangladeshi peacekeepers are presently apparent in all the troubled ranges of the world, beginning from Haiti to East Timor; from Lebanon to DR Congo. The peacekeepers of Bangladesh had been all over the place and are resolved to remain so in the days to come. Today, Bangladeshi peacekeepers earned the certifications of a ‘Role Model’ in worldwide peacekeeping because of their demonstrable skill, responsibility, absence of prejudice, uprightness and others conscious mentality.


Bangladesh ventured into the group of ‘Blue-Helmet’ through support in UNIIMOG (Iraq-Iran) in 1988 with 15 Military Observers from Bangladesh Army. Bangladesh Navy and Bangladesh Air Force joined UNPKO in 1993 while Bangladesh Police joined in 1989. Till now Bangladesh has contributed in 51 missions, where 1,21,407 Bangladeshi peacekeepers have partaken. At present with quality of 7,979 peacekeepers, Bangladesh is one of the most astounding peacekeepers contributing nations on the planet.


Bangladeshi contingent (BANSRIC and BANMMRLU) awarded during Combined medal pared in Sector South, UNAMID dtd 15 Oct 2012 by FORCE CHIEF OF STAFF Brig Gen Shahid Mahmud of UNAMID
Bangladeshi contingent (BANSRIC and BANMMRLU) awarded during Combined medal pared in Sector South


Bangladeshi peacekeepers had been working in a hefty portion of the ambushed ranges of the world, under diverse attempting circumstances, even against genuine dangers to their lives. On the method for worldwide peace, 112 Bangladeshi courageous children set out their lives. We all salute the preeminent penances made by these genuine children of peace. These penances may have abbreviated their lives, yet as one expanded the dedication of Bangladesh towards world peace. Bangladesh steadfastly emphasizes her firm duty to embrace any UN task for worldwide peace and strength in future. May there be light as far and wide as possible, let all peacekeepers be enlightened.


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